Training, Workshops and Seminars

Ananthapuri Technologies offers training for software start-ups and engineering students in the following areas:

Software Engineering and Project Management in Practice

A software project has two dimensions namely engineering and project management. The first deals with how to design, build, test, code and maintain. The second relates to planning and controlling these activities to meet goals of cost, schedule and quality. Awareness of all these aspects are imperative for industry professionals from entry level software engineers to lead analysts to project managers to senior management. The training provides exposure to practical aspects of projects in the industry including the challenges at each phase.

The training covers details of software project initiation, execution, monitoring and closure with a focus on risk management and process optimization.

Software Testing in Practice

Software Testing (Validation) is an important activity in the project life cycle that goes hand in hand with Software Development. This is essential to ensure defect-freeness of applications and also to eliminate huge quality costs and client lawsuits arising from errors creeping into production. Over the years Information Technology companies have found it wiser to invest considerably in Software Testing in terms of men and material as a major step towards ensuring a clean product delivery. Testing brings in to play technical knowhow, domain expertise, excellent communication skills and an exploratory mindset.

The training covers fundamentals of software testing and quality with a focus on test processes, metrics, methodologies and test management.