Technology, Management and Process Consulting

Product and application development companies often meet untimely ends in their venture thanks to improper project management. Investors and innovators rush at a seemingly great idea, barely checking to see if the priorities of the project have been set right. Today's world needs flexible, scalable, dynamic products that can stand the test of time and technology. This calls for constant innovation in the management of the development process. Ananthapuri Technologies bridges the gap in terms of guidance in the areas of processes, technology and project management.

Ananthapuri Technologies offers complete, tailored consulting solutions for small and medium businesses founded on information technology. They span the entire project / product life cycle starting from idea germination to project conceptualization and realization to execution and delivery. We consult to plan, analyze, design, build, execute, test and deploy. Our solutions are specific to the project and based on thorough study and analysis of the same.

Consulting is offered in three areas - Technology, Project Management and Business Process.

Technology Consulting

  • Technical and economical feasibility studies leading to the right choice of software and hardware platforms
  • Selection and optimization of tools
  • Process implementation and improvements

Project Management Consulting

  • Pre-sales Support - RFI, RFP, Conversion of proposals
  • Project Initiation - Planning, Strategizing, Scheduling, Estimation
  • Project Execution - Development, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance
  • Project Monitoring - Risk Management, Process Optimization, Metrics
  • Project Closure - Lessons Learnt

Business Process Consulting

  • Business process study and improvement suggestions
  • Business process automation - feasibility study, vendor selection, implementation supervision
  • Regular process checks